Tranquility as produced by the gentle movement of a line calls to mind memories of spring breezes and summer shadows.  It is the same feeling, this calmness, that I seek to recreate in glass

Shape, and structure used to evoke emotion, summerize the basic elements of my work. Shapes that appear simple and smooth, but are in fact made up of individual lines, working on different planes and heading in different directions, yet interweaving in a way that they directly influence one another.  The final shaping is determined by the addition of heat and gravity.  The strength with which these elements are applied can cause the structure to be smooth and graceful or stark and angular.
I view life in much the same way.  We are who we are as a result of the interweaving of many life experiences.  The influences of outside pressures and our core beleifs determine our character. How much we allow these pressures to influence us will determine whether we will be in turmoil or at peace.
 The medium I have chosen for this work is glass.  Beyond  its obvious attributes of color and texture, it provides permanence, the ability to freeze a moment or movement in time so that it can be examined and explored.  At the same time, I find in its very fragility, a metaphor for the fragility of our existance.  Being able to freeze these moments in time, in such a delicate medium offers me an opportunity to create the tranquility that I find so comforting.